imageLoyalty, will be a zine made by the editor-in-chief of 2017.

Written Voice is making a zine for the first time! Please submit your best written works and art to potentially be showcased in our zine.

Beyond the Spectrum

By Destiny Clark

What is beyond a tree, ocean, or sea?
There is the never ending buzz of bees

The never ending movements of the sun and moon above the sea

But beyond those wonderful things
we live in a world where individuals can go above and beyond the spectrum of other human beings

We are the sum of experiences that we my encounter through our lifetime.
Every decision may lead us down a different road, but we never connect to the same exact crossroads.

People can go beyond the spectrum of life, because we have a never ending capacity for knowledge

The choices we make have a significance
Our minds and bodies are ligament
We go beyond the spectrum

The Sculptor

By Andrea Lo

I, the writer, flail while weaving words together to support more yearning to follow,

As you keep to your newest colorful contraption, unable to see the sorry attempt of my bridge,

Meekly made when I was unsure if the bridge could ever have two ends to forever link together.


I’ve already thoughtlessly ushered in your phantoms that twisted my psyche,

Fruitless attempts inflicted upon myself to alter some of my contour to better fit yours

And yet, you never catch it, you barely do.


You see another, her likeness a manipulation, too narrow of a lens, in the frame you gaze at.

When I look from the corner of my eye to see yours on another frame, I cry aloud,

Oh, won’t you try to shape me out of clay, mold me from my external silence

and I would gladly hand you a chisel to carve me.


You would be my only maker, my devoted, beautiful maker,

Yet, you cannot fix what is broken,

And I, I would become brittle and crumble before long, reduced to less than a former shell,

For I would merely be clay without a soul completely true to herself.

A Teenage Angst Poem

By Andrea Lo

This is a teenage angst poem
Improvised as I sit my my piano and books
I look at my feet and see squares
Seemingly peaceful perfectly connected
in what we call a geometric fashion.
Neat, perfect squares as stepping stones,
and I thought to myself,
What if I ripped out every square,
not giving a fleeting thought of its consequences?
It would take great pain and blood
enough for a sacrificial ritual
because I am the bringer of chaos and destruction
merely repeating what life has done.

Here Comes the Sun

By Amy Olivares-Zapata

I stare for ages at the sky,
Captivated by the Starlight
My love for it I can’t deny;
Its Twinkle brightens up my night.
It’s so far yet still in my heart,
Love so great it reaches my Star,
So far yet love can’t fall apart.
I’ll love you no matter where you are,
Is what I whisper in its ear.
And with a Twinkle it winks at me, Telling me my love it does hear.
Oh Juliet how I love thee!
And soon I’ll get in a rocket towards you;
A Twinkle no more but my Sun I’ll look to.